2015 Subaru Legacy – Sporty and Elegant Family Sedan

Subaru has come up with excellent features combined with great styling for 2015 Subaru Legacy making it among the top family sedans. 2015 Subaru Legacy is conventional and yet very appealing in its class allowing family sedan buyers to take a second look. Legacy 2.5i sedans are powered by 2.5 liter four cylinder engines that have the capacity to produce 175 horsepower and they are good at performance. On the other hand, Legacy 3.6R sedans are powered by 3.6 liter flat-six engine that produces 256 horsepower that is strong and performs smoothly.


2015 Subaru Legacy offers better gas mileage and therefore it offers 30 mpg combined on all the models except six cylinder optional engines that deliver 23 mpg combined. The sedan also works well for those who are searching for better safety features as it packs tons of safety features like ABS, stability control and traction control. It has better interiors and technology features to ensure better driving experience. On the outside, this family sedan has the right design and contours to ensure better appearance. The interior has 6.2 inch multifunction touchscreen control that ensures superior control on all the options. 2015 Subaru Legacy is available in the market for base price of $22,420 and above.

Jyotsna Ramani

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