4 Reasons Young Drivers Will Always Be Punished in the Pocket

Are you a young driver, or the parent of a teen that has just got their license? If so, we feel for you – driving a car is likely to be costing you a fortune. But did you ever think why this might be the case? In today’s guide, we’re going to run through some of the reasons why young drivers can expect to pay more for almost every aspect of driving.

Let’s take a closer look.


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They have no concept of fuel efficiency

Be honest, how many of you remember that time in your driving lessons when your instructor told you about fuel efficiency? Nope? Well, it’s likely to be because it never happened. Instructors teach you the very basics of driving – just enough to get you on the road legally. And you only learn about fuel efficiency when you wonder why you are spending so much at the pump every time you cross town. So, while young drivers might be the worst offenders at braking hard and thrashing engines, it might not be their fault. Learn to drive smoother, preempt your braking, and you will save a lot of money on fuel.

They are stung by insurance companies

We all realize that young drivers are more dangerous on the roads. But is it fair that all young drivers should pay the price? Unfortunately, the statistics suggest so. While it is easy for more experienced drivers to get more affordable auto insurance, it is less so for youngsters. Your best bet is to avoid any accidents, never make any claims, and maybe get a tracking device hooked up to your car. It will show your insurers that, actually, you might not be an unsafe driver after all.

They are a target for the police

When you ar a young person, you stand out like a sore thumb on the roads. And any police officers that see you who have nothing else to do will notice. They will watch you for any mistake you make, and then pull you over – it’s as simple as that. It means that young people pay more fines than any other age group. There is nothing you can do about it other than never give the police the option of pulling you over. Always drive safely and sensibly, and you will avoid picking up a lot of fines and a lot of license points.

They are risk Takers

Of course, the biggest cost of all for young drivers is when it comes to replacing their cars after an accident. And because of the risk taking nature of youngsters, it happens a lot. Our advice to any inexperienced driver is to avoid buying expensive cars at all – at least for several years. The chances you will damage it are statistically high. Plus, your life won’t be worth living once your folks find out, assuming they bought the car in the first place, of course.

So, there you have it – four reasons that young drivers will always pay more for the experience of driving. It will get easier for kids as they get older, of course. But as long as you are sensible and stop taking so many risks, you will avoid many of these extra costs.

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