Buying Quality Wheels for Cheap

Car owners often cringe when they hear the words “You’re going to need this replaced.” Often, it is never anything cheap. Whether it’s a new set of tyres, wheels, radiator, or completely new exhaust system, car parts are expensive in general. Additionally, you can’t scrape on the quality else you risk having to replace the very same part months later at a higher price – if you’re lucky enough not to damage anything else during the process that is.

Fortunately, buying cheap wheels is something that is very doable, you just need to be prepared to research your options and find the best set of wheels that suit your car and your budget. To help you with your choices we’ve described a bit about how and where to find the best high quality cheap wheels for your car below!


The wheel type will make a massive difference which is why we suggest getting replica wheels (aka aftermarket wheels). These high quality cheap wheels are generally much less pricy than OEM wheels and allow the shopper to explore a vast range of options and find the best quality wheel at the cheapest price!


Whenever you go with aftermarket wheels you need to consider your warranty. Some manufacturers offer a fairly low warranty, but paying the extra few bucks for a better manufacturer can mean you save yourself months of headaches in the long run if there was a fault with your wheels. Despite not being the ‘cheapest’ option, the warranty will be the best option in the long run.


There are two main types of materials used for wheels: alloy and steel. The alloy is often either a magnesium alloy or an aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy option is significantly cheaper than the mag wheels and is actually a very durable. Steel wheels, on the other hand, are a lower quality and can wear on your breaks due to their inability to properly disperse heat along the rims. Consider paying a few extra for some alloy wheels, but avoid poor gravity cast wheels that can contain air pockets!

Online Vs Offline

Buying online can definitely increase your savings and score you a fantastic set of wheels for hundreds less than in store options. Online stores, like Ozzy Tyres, make finding and comparing wheels simple with their massive selection. Additionally free shipping and convenient store locations across the state is also a major plus for online stores which is why many car enthusiasts are shopping online for tyres as opposed to offline nowadays!

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