Five Important Facts About Car Covers Every Car Owner Should Know

There are many important facts about car covers every car owner should know; yet, these five are the most basic. You should know right off the bat that NOT all car covers are manufactured the same or are made of the same materials. Additionally, they range in price from a basic and rather flimsy car swatch that costs around $30.00 at Walmart; to over $4,750 for a cashmere car cover, from Lifestyle Automotive Apparel TM. I kid you not! Factually speaking, neither one will protect your car from the many elements it will encounter on any given day. And, we all know what would happen to the cashmere car cover that’s left out unattended? Heck, you could make at least ten good sweaters from it! And for that matter, I can’t even begin to imagine how much it would cost to wash a cashmere car cover, repeatedly week after week; as soon as it got dirty! It’s not like you can just throw it in the washing machine.


  1. Car covers need to be light-weight and tight-fitting on and around the wheel-well of your vehicle; and, they do not need to be necessarily ‘custom fitted’! They only need to be fitted to your cars make and model size! Custom fittings, only adds to the price tag, no matter where you shop!
  2. The sun, can bleach and fade any cars’ painted surface; especially, if it is constantly left out in the sun, uncovered, day after day. Regardless of your cars warranty package, it will not cover sun erosion. A new paint job can cost thousands; and, even touching up an area of the car, depending on your car, can cost a min of a thousand dollars! Car covers protect your car from these harmful rays , while keeping your car much, much cooler in the process. Silver reflective car covers are best for this protective task.
  3. Every time it rains, water pellets form on your car surface; each raindrop is mixed with various chemicals, minerals and acid that it picks up from our polluted atmosphere; and, as the rain water evaporates, these elements remain in solid form on the vehicles paint surface. Eventually, they can form a hard encrusted surface that can cause the underlying paint to blister or bake; especially, once this metal car surface is heated and expanded, due to the suns radiation!ez_cover_logo
  4. Car covers can actually save any car owner up to $500 per year and about 10,000 gallons of polluted waste water from being released back into our rivers and streams, via washing your car in the driveway. Using a car cover every day will save on water, washing shampoo, car wax, and of course, your added time and energy. You will need to wash your car less, while spending much less money on maintaining its original factory-finish appearance!
  5. Car covers need to be easily accessible, simple to put on, effortless to remove; while keeping you clean in the process, and protected from the gathered rain, and especially from any bird droppings or tree sap that remains on the cover! These car covers need to be constructed of a light-weight and wind resistant tight-fitting material; one that can be easily washed in the washer and hung out to dry!

EZ-Cover car cover is a one-of-a-kind car cover that every car owner should check out. It fully meets all of the above specs, and then some!

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