Hard to Miss Signs Your Car Needs Repairing

Do you hear that noise? It sounds more like a splutter then a roar. Do you feel like that shake? Something is not quite right with the steering. The wheel is no longer turning. You start to feel like you are not in control. Suddenly, you are at the side of the road and finding out the hard way your phone is low on battery. Do not let the hard, metal bodies fool you. Cars are very fragile little machines, even the big ones. It is helpful to know when your car is due some repairs. There are simple signs that are easy to look out for.

The Suspension

A bad suspension can make the smoothest motorway feel like you are traveling down the rocky mountains. It is very unlikely you will not notice there is something wrong with your suspension. However, if you are in any doubt or just curious, there is a simple test. Put your car in neutral with the handbrake on. Then press down on the front of the car with your body weight. Bounce it. If the car continues to look like one of those see-saw theme park rides after a few bounces, your suspension is a little worse for wear.

The Battery

Well, what usually happens if a battery is dead? Correct, nothing. If there is something wrong with your Car Battery, you will be lucky to coax it out of the garage for some fresh fuel. Car batteries can be expensive but are very easy to install. However, do check if the lights in your car are in the off position. If they have been left on for a long duration of time, your battery is not dead. It just needs a jump start.

The Brakes

Be adventurous. Find a long, straight road and put your foot down. Then…just kidding. Here is the proper way to tell if your brakes need fixing. Cars are like animals. They let you know they are sick by emitting peculiar noises. If the brakes are shattered, they will squeak and squeal. Other symptoms can include the car swerving to the side when you push down on the brakes or the car starting to vibrate. As should be common sense a problem with your brakes needs to be dealt with a soon as possible. It is not something you want to find out about while on your travels.

The Transmission

Having problems making those Fast and Furious style Gear Changes? Then look no further than your transmission. You may find this symptom if you have just bought a used car because it is common after a vehicle has done a lot of miles. Other symptoms can include the car shaking at high speeds. Note: if you are travelling at ridiculously high speeds most cars will start to shake regardless! A particularly bad sign is the smell of burning while driving. Do not worry you are not having a stroke. It is however time for a Transmission Repair job.

There are plenty other signs your car is due for a check up. The key point is to trust your senses. Any strange sounds, smells or vibrations should always be seen as a red flag. Most problems can be fixed before things start to go wrong.

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