Back to Basics – Car Safety Guidelines You’ve Probably Forgotten

Safety is one of the first things you learn when obtaining your driving license. Sadly, many drivers neglect basic safety measures after they obtain their license. At the beginning, people usually take great care to look after their car and their safety, but after a couple of years or even months, people start to forget things because they haven’t been in an accident and they feel like they won’t get in an accident.

However, it’s important to maintain basic safety precautions and drive properly. The last thing you want is to be in a motor vehicle accident, especially if you have friends or loved ones in the vehicle with you. Don’t get complacent, and refresh your memory with some of these basic safety tips.


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Wear Your Seatbelt

A lot of people, especially when they drive short distances, neglect their seatbelt because it digs into their shoulder/neck and isn’t very comfortable. If you collide with another vehicle without a seatbelt, it’ll send you flying forward and you might end up going through your windshield if the stop is sudden enough. Unless you want to end up with cuts to your head and permanent injuries, then keep your seatbelt on. If you find the seatbelt uncomfortable, there are some cushions that can be installed on the strap to ease the tightness.


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Don’t Drive When You Need the Toilet

A full bladder is a distraction that you don’t want to have while driving. In some cases, it could be even more dangerous than using your phone while driving because it’s more of a distraction that will take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. Don’t be foolish. If you plan to drive for a long period of time, make sure you use the toilet first. If you’re in the middle of a long journey, then pull over and find a public restroom to relieve yourself.


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Don’t Drink and Drive

Although it’s possible to drive while under the influence, your reactions and vision will be impaired. It’s a dangerous game to drive while tipsy or drunk, and if you’re unlucky you’ll get caught and fined or worse, you’ll end up with injuries to yourself, your passengers, or other people. If you’re planning to drive, then make sure you let any alcohol settle and wait for the effects to wear off before driving. If you’re in a group with others, then designate someone to be the driver and make sure they are sober. If you have no other options, then call for a taxi and leave your vehicle overnight.


Prepare Your Vehicle for Weather

A can of de-icer is crucial if you live in a cold part of the world or drive during the chilly winter season. If you drive regularly in a frozen or wet environment, then make sure you prepare your vehicle by switching tires out and taking your time while driving.


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Losing control of your car is a frightening situation, and you could end up drifting into people, other vehicles, or even onto the pavement. Drive slowly, take your time and carry the necessary precautions.

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