Concept Motorcycles

Awesome motorcycles may be on the horizon then check out these cool concept bikes.

Mach Ness

Motorcycle manufacturer Arlen Ness crafted this metal monster powered by a gas-turbine helicopter engine.


Icare Bike Concept

If we had access to all the possible concept designs for Batman’s motorcycle the Icare Bike Concept would certainly be on the list.

Swordfish Motorcycle Concept

Hubless bikes are kind of like hover boards – cool, but stuck firmly in the future. That doesn’t mean we can help ourselves from swooning every time we see the hint of one.

Dodge Tomahawk Motorcycle

The Tomahawk is a Viper V-10 based motorcycle, a 500 horsepower engine with four wheels beneath it.

Ferrari V4 Motorcycle Concept

If Ferrari made a motorcycle to match the car this would be it. Industrial designer Amir Glinik took the sexy curves and sleek lines that make Ferrari so fiercely desirable and put them in bike form.

IZH Concept Motorcycle

IZH is most famous for being the manufacturer of the Kalashnikov AK-47. But did you know the company also built the first Russian motorcycle in 1928, and has since produced 12 million bikes?

Honda CB750 Concept

The 2015 Honda CB750 concept was created independently of Honda by designer Igor Chak.

Jaguar M-Cycle

The Jaguar concept by M-Cycles draws inspiration from the Jaguar car manufacturer logo. The bike measures 8 feet in length and features ebony lacquered fiberglass over stainless steel.

Mad Max Aitu Motorbike

The Aitu is the more refined of the two, if this term can ever describe such an angry-looking motorcycle.

Electric Motorbike: ZEVS

The first electric motorcycle for the “real biker.” It’s designed for “real men” and dusty roads, in the spirit of Harley Davidson, Custom Chopper culture and the good old Route 66 romance.


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