The Low Down on Scrambler Apparel From the Ducati Store

A year later and we still love the Scrambler Apparel range found only at the Ducati store

Last year when Ducati put out the word about a new apparel line to coincide with the release of “The Scrambler” motorcycle, we were intrigued.

Offering apparel lines that match motorcycle models is nothing new in the bike world. BMW and Brough Superior have done this before to take advantage of the “lifestyle” trend that many bike owners follow.  This lifestyle concept by Ducati has been labeled “Land of Joy” and integrates into the everyday commuter lifestyle of motorcycle riders everywhere.


Image Source by : Store.Commoto

Many hardcore riders will most likely scoff at combining fashion and motorcycle riding and call it “sissy”, but having now seen the lineup of apparel we think they will be changing their tune soon.

Due to the apparel launch, you’d think the Scrambler bike was a commuter purposed ride, but that is not the case.  Borgo Panigale has designed this bike as a cross-generation model.  The bike is extremely capable off-road and on and it has found a loving home in many riders garages.  We initially thought the bike’s release and subsequent adoption would suffer due to the stigma of being tied to a fashion campaign, but riders have taken it at face value and embraced it.


Image Source by : Store.Commoto

Back to the clothing collection; its simply badass.  Very casual flavoring through textile or leather jackets, helmets, wristwatches, shirts and gloves conveys a neo-retro or semi-vintage vibe that is right at home in Scrambler town.

A younger rider seems to be the intended demographic for both bike and clothing line but the adoption from the motorcycle community has seen riders from all walks of life enjoying the products.

Scrambler bikes and apparel are available from many fine Ducati dealers and Ducati stores.  If you’re in the state of Louisiana, there is only one place you need to head for everything Ducati related.  Featuring the full lineup of bikes, Ducati oem parts and of course, Ducati apparel; Commonwealth Motorcycles is your one stop shop.  Come on in or check them out online at Store.commoto

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