What Makes an Effective Test Drive?

It seems obvious enough that you should take a car for a test drive before putting any money down for it. But a lot of people simply don’t know precisely what they should be checking. It’s best that you go into this armed with as many details as possible about an effective test drive.


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There are so many how-to guides out there about buying or selling a car. But when it comes to the all-important test drive, people don’t always have the right information. In this article, we’re going to be having a look at what makes an effective test drive.


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What if the dealer won’t let me take it for a test drive?

Be it a new car dealership, and old car dealership, or a hybrid like Currie Motors, you should be offered a test drive. No reputable, trustworthy dealership is going to deny you the opportunity to take a car for a spin before you give them any of your cash. If the dealer won’t let you have a test drive, then walk away. Don’t listen to any more of their offers. Don’t pay attention to the great deal you thought you were about to get. If they won’t let you test drive it, there’s probably a good reason: they don’t want you knowing about a fault before you give them money.

Looking out for issues

You’ve probably had a close look at the exterior. Now it’s time to find out what’s going on interior-wise. You should be checking several basics, such as the functionality of the headlights. You need to make sure the brakes can handle the speeds you’re going to drive it at. You need to make sure the body can take the everyday use.


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This is why you need to think about the things you’re actually going to use this new car for. If you’re going to be going on some bumpy rides, you should ensure this car can take an uneven road.

Switching it up

Of course, in order to find all the issues you can, you need to switch up your driving style. I’m not saying you should start going all Fast and Furious out on the roads. (That’s just going to get you killed or arrested.) If you’re not planning on driving on rougher terrain, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be trying it out now. You should be experimenting with different terrains, speeds, and conditions. Can it handle a bit of mud? A bit of rain? Can it stand a hot summer day?


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So how long should I be driving it?

This doesn’t exactly sound like stuff you can check in five minutes, does it? But the average motorist will only spend five or ten minutes test driving a car before buying or declining. Some may stretch it out to half an hour, but even that’s inadequate. Though it’s not advertised loudly, many dealerships are willing to let you borrow the car overnight. They’ll probably want to check your credit and driving history, and may require a deposit. But this will give you so many hours to really test this car out. I would recommend this course.

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