Eliminating Scratches from Car Paint

If you are driving an old car, a deep scratch or two on your car’s paint probably doesn’t bother you, but if the car is a new model, it likely does. We can guide you through how to do an excellent job of repainting the panel yourself. You can even get your own paint! Let us walk you through how to carry out this kind of thing yourself using these easy instructions!

Note: If you have children or pets, keep automotive paint away from them!

Online Paint Sellers

One touch-up paint retailer, automotivetouchup.com, has several videos to assist you. According to these videos, preparation is the secret.  If you take the time to prep the surface and then apply the paint, we believe you can approach an excellent touch-up quality!

Small Scratches

Here are the steps to follow to make small scratches disappear :

  1. The first option for scratches that aren’t big is to buy a small bottle of touch-up paint. There are two types you should know about: exact match and approximate match paints. When you go into an auto parts store and you see a rack of paint vials (often in clear bottles), you’re looking at approximate match paints. Those paints will be close in color to your vehicle’s paint color but typically not an exact match. A better solution is to go to your local dealer and ask them for a vial of exact match paint. Patrick Auto Body in Schaumburg, IL can help with this!
  2. The process of putting on either type of paint is the same: they will have a small dipping brush (such as the one that comes with eyelash makeup bottles) that you may use to dab on a small amount of paint onto the scratch.

Large Blemishes

And if you are dealing with any big blemishes, we recommend following these steps :

  1. For big blemishes, it is best to go with a can of spray paint, as opposed to a bottled touchup paint. And, since you are going to be trying to cover a larger area, it’s best to look for an exact matching paint. Paints that are not an exact match could look okay if the repair is lower on the vehicle, say the rocker panels, but will almost certainly look dumb on the more visible, higher locations. As we touched on above, you could get real factory-matching paints, both in touch-up bottles and spray paints, from a car dealer.
  2. For those who would like to know the best methods to spray paint their panel, there are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you out. Essentially, spray painting a car panel is more involved than simply covering small scratches. Again, that’s why we recommend watching a video, to see from a person doing it how it is really done!

We hope that this article has been quite informative, and that it gives you an insight into how touch-up paint is applied at the body shop!

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