Is The New Abarth Spider The Coolest Convertible On The Market?

Fiat Spider

Leave it to Abarth and Fiat to bring back everything that we adore about the seventies in one machine. Ladies and gentleman please welcome back to the roads, The Fiat Spider 124. If that name sounds familiar, you might remember that there was an incarnation of this car around forty years ago. Well now, it’s back and better than ever. The Fiat Spider was first introduced to the world in November 2015. People weren’t all that impressed with the way it looks. But we think that was mainly to do with the paint work. When you see it with the red and black racing colours, you’ll be amazed.

Fiat 124

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It’s got the look of an Italian sports car ripped straight out of a seventies magazine. But as you’ll soon discover, it’s also a car that’s embedded in modern times with all the latest tech. But before we get to how it handles and what it offers let’s first think about visual impressions.

Style And Looks

As we already said and you can probably see, this looks like an italian sports car. Essentially, party in the front, business in the back. It’s quite a fun looking machine and certainly gives the impression of being a thrill in tight corners. Whether that’s true or not we’ll soon find out. But it’s worth noting just how much effort Abarth has gone to to make this car look like the real deal. Look at the racing strips cut into the body. The gorgeous grill that accentuates the best parts of the bonnet. We haven’t even got to the interior yet.

Image Gallery Source : Fiatusa

The inside of the car is truly beautiful and magnificent. It feels and looks like a true supercar and that’s exactly what we wanted from Abarth. There’s a few tech gadgets and gizmos to get to grips with. But for the most part, it’s just been built a pure roadster.  This is perhaps the car’s biggest selling point, at least for us. If we were to compare the interior to another car, we’d have to say a Ferrari and that’s high praise. The seats are a real treat too. When you sit in this car, you’ll feel right at home. The ripples provide the perfect support for your back and body driving at high speeds.


Abarth boast that the car’s weight is just 1060 kgs offers incredible handling, difficult to rival by other roadsters on the market. You’re also getting the suspension designed by a company who have perfected racing cars. You can imagine the type of thrill this gives you on the road. But we’re going to tell you anyway. If you’re interested in further details about the specs of this car, have a look at info from a seller like Thames Motor Group.

Performance & Power

There’s something you should know about this car. With the engine and the suspension the car is basically a Mazda MX5 with a different body. As one reviewer put it, failing to make this car fun to drive would be essentially an own goal. We wholeheartedly agree, and it’s not the case. While Fiat have put some limitations on the car, this still feels like a racing legend.

Though don’t expect too much freedom. The way the car has been designed will cause it to spin out of control all too quickly. Although that shouldn’t stop drivers having a go on track conditions.

Efficiency levels aren’t too bad though, and it will easily give you over forty miles to the gallon. If you’ve not been keeping score, that beats quite a few of the other less impressive roadsters currently on the market.


Before you rush out to buy this beautiful car, there are a few disadvantages to take note of. First, there’s the space. This car has less boot space than the Mazda MX-5, and that’s saying something. The MX-5 isn’t exactly brimming with space itself you can imagine how little you’ll be able to pack in the trunk.

Then there’s the price. At twenty-nine thousand this is quite an expensive little roadster. Remember, essentially, all you’re paying for is a new body. Everything else, you can get in a Mazda MX-5. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that the body work in question is stunning.

Thus, negatives aside, this car is going to give you a lot of fun out on the road. It will offer a beautiful sweeping breeze as you’re cruising down the highway and it’ll save quite a lot of fuel. All in all, we think this car is going to win over a lot of buyers.

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