Goodride and BF Goodrich Tyre Facts you should know

Tyres, like most other gadgets, lasts long if you take proper care of them. Contrary to popular perceptions, tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle that need regular care and attention. Not many people give a second thought to the fact that the tyres are the only link between the vehicle and the road. By virtue of their contact with the road surface, they are able to transfer energy from the car to the surface.


Here are some of the facts about Goodride and Bf Goodrich tyres that you should know:

Tyres need constant care

While most people think that tyres need only occasional care, experts are of the opinion that one should offer regular care to the tyres too. As tyres come in constant contact with the road, the risk of wear and tear is high. They need to be checked for pressure, tread depth and condition on a regular basis.

Right pressure

Very often, people wrongly believe that the tyres have to be inflated according to the pressure (PSI) value mentioned on the sidewall of the tyre. However, in reality, the pressure required varies from car to car. Hence, you should refer to the inner side of the door to find the recommended tyre pressure for your car.

Use the same brand

Although there is no harm in opting for different brands of tyres, using the same brand of tyres is better. Automobile experts recommend using the same brand of tyres on a vehicle at a time as will make sure that your car will handle better, especially in wet conditions.

Winter tyres are only required during snowfall

This isn’t true. Ideally, winter tyres should be used if the temperature falls below 10 degrees. This is because, under such conditions, the tyres might turn stiff from the cold. However, the winter tyres with optimal tread patterns and special rubber prevent them from becoming stiff.

All weather tyres

Makers of BF Goodrich Tyres insist that the all-weather tyres are the best options if you live in warmer climates. They also say that these tyres are best choices for both family cars and high-performance cars alike.
Avoid slick tyres or racing tyres: While it is true that slick tyres provide better grip and handling in dry conditions, they are not recommended for wet conditions. Yes, the Formula1 cars and MotoGP bikes use slick tyres with no tread pattern. Although the larger contact patch increases the speed, it makes the car lose traction quite easily on a wet surface. It means that a slick tyre on your family car is a recipe for disaster.


Recycle old Tyres into roads

Although this could be news to many, it is a common practice worldwide to recycle the old tyres into rubberised roads. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), chronic traffic noise is the cause of at least one in every fifty heart attacks. The roads laid with recycled tyres reduce surface noise by up to 20% and contribute to the wellbeing of people.

Next time you buy a tyre, it would be worthwhile to bear these facts in mind.

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