Guide to Clean Your Car like a Pro

If you are a car freak; own a car that is very close to your heart? If yes, then you should read this guide. There are any occasions when you need to clean your car and practically, you end up having no time to go to service center and get your car cleaned. That’s the time when you can rely on cleaning company Maids by Trade .Whether you own a latest model of Mercedes, BMW or that new Chevrolet; your car needs to be taken care of like anything.

Wondering how to detail your vehicle? Keep reading these car cleaning tips:

  1. Examine the Car Inside and Out:

After a particular span of time you need to examine the car completely. Check the interior; the seats, dash, handles, carpets, and headliners. Dust hides in the fibers of seat covers and carpets. Start with interior and then go to the exterior like tires, roof, side mirrors and wheels.

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  1. Get on to Compressed Air and Stiff Scrub Brushes for Carpets:

After examining, we recommend to start cleaning with the air compressor. Use it to blow out the dirt from the nook and corner of the interior. Do it with detail to suck every grain of dirt from carpets and seats. Along with it, stiff brushes are also very useful. For leather seat covers, conditioner is advisable.

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  1. Go for Duct Cleaner:

To clean the heating and air conditioning duct work effectively, compressed air from a compressor proves to be effective. Give high pressure air behind the vent grilles. Dust stuck here gives musty smell. If your car has got the air filter, make sure your remove it, change it or blow properly to dust it out.

  1. Clean Tires with Benign Solution:

Dirt on tires becomes very hard to remove. Usually, the pros use acid solution to remove residue and dirt from the tires and wheels. It’s their way of doing it. When you DIY, it is recommended that you avoid using any acid solution for your car. There are several non acid products available in market, spare a day to search for it. Acid will bruise the tires and will oxidize the alloy wheels damaging further wheels with paint or any coating.

Make sure you clean the wheels and tires before protecting the paint.

  1. Wash Your Cars with Your Hands:

The best and most enjoyable way to get completely familiarize with your car’s surface is to wash it with hands. You can inspect your car completely, side by side. When washing, never use detergent powder. Although, apparently easiest way to clean but very damaging to car’s surface. It strips protective wax coating on your car.

Dry the car surface with a rubber blade squeegee to prevent dirt and minerals after the wash. It’s a silicon squeegee that dries out the car surface instantly.

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  • Ensure the surface is shiny and Bright:

Bird dropping and other pollutants on the exterior settle and gets absorbed in the paint. It makes the surface dull, worn and torn. You can choose to clean the surface chemically or physically. A quick cleaning tip for cleaning your car is to use following methods:

  • Chemical method:

Liquid paint cleaners remove wax and clean the top layer of paint. They can remove small scratches from the surface.

  • Physical Method:

In this method you need to clean paint by rubbing it with block of paint cleaning clay with a liquid cleaner wax- very easy way to clean it.

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