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Until a few years ago, accessing personal financial information—like credit reports and ratings—was a long and painstaking process. These days, companies like Credit Updates have radically shifted the landscape, giving people more access, knowledge, and control than ever, with almost no effort.

CreditUpdates(dot)com executives believe that customers are entitled to access their credit information on demand. As one Credit Updates employee said, “This is your own personal information. Why should you be forced to jump through hoops to see it?”

These days, trusted and reputable websites like CreditUpdates(dot)com not only help customers access and protect their credit score, they also offer monitoring and fraud repair, and other huge benefits, all included with membership.

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Many users swear by their Credit Updates membership, especially people looking to obtain a mortgage, car loan, credit line, or even rent an apartment or get a job, all of which often entail an extensive background credit check. They have the stability and peace of mind of knowing they can access special tools to improve their credit score protect against being victimized by identity thieves and cyber attacks.

Access To All Three Credit Reports

As soon as consumers sign up for their $1 trial, they gain instant access to all three credit reports, from Transunion, Equifax, and Experian, giving them a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

One CreditUpdates executive recalls the annoying red tape of the “old-school” credit reporting process. “You needed to call your bank or loan officer to make a request, which needed to be processed. Then, your credit report would not arrive until many weeks later by direct mail. By the time it showed up, your credit may have already changed.”

CreditUpdates uses advanced technology to provide instant access right on a personalized web Dashboard that’s completely safe and secure, and totally private.

Unlike most credit applications, subscribers do not damage or impact their score in any way by joining, because the membership uses a “soft” credit pull. It’s the best of both worlds, giving customers detailed information to help qualify for a mortgage, car loan, and more, without the slightest effect on credit score.

How It Works

Signing up for CreditUpdates(dot)com takes one to two minutes. New members receive a welcome email, linking them to their personal Dashboard, where they access all three credit scores, and other helpful information.

Signups are also enrolled in a 24/7 monitoring and alert membership at no additional cost. If their score changes, members are instantly notified, which is incredibly valuable, especially for customers hoping to qualify for a loan, where real-time updates can be the difference maker that guides them to make the right moves.

One feature customers really enjoy is the customer service hotline, answered by friendly, live human representatives, seven days a week. Calls are routed directly to real people, without even pressing “0”, and they do everything they can to help callers resolve issues as quickly as possible.

One customer says he’s never experienced service like this. “With most companies, phone membership is automated, and I need to press 8 different extensions, and then hit zero a bunch of times, before I get through to an operator. Credit Updates is so refreshing, with real live agents who are helpful, courteous, and friendly. My problem was solved in under five minutes.”

CreditUpdates( dot )com Protects You WithBest In-Class Security

What customers love most is CreditUpdates’ relentless commitment to safety and security, which is more vital than ever. They use the latest technological advancements, with super high-security standards.

One employee says: “When you work with credit information and personal identity, there’s no such thing as being too cautious. We pull out all the stops to ensure our customers’ privacy and identity is safe and protected. They never need to worry about fraud, identity theft, or scams. We provide top quality membership, a low price, and guaranteed safety from scams and fraud.”

CreditUpdates( dot )com has brought credit reporting and monitoring to the 21st century. They offer powerful benefits and outstanding customer service, at a low monthly cost, and their commitment to security and privacy is unparalleled in the industry. In an age where even one cyber attack can be catastrophic, Credit Updates stands out, as one of the largest and most reputable credit information and reporting companies in the United States.

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