How to Keep Your Car Protected During Winter?

Winter can be deadly for old cars, so this is probably the best time to hit Used car dealerships and buy a reliable vehicle. Battery issues, trouble in getting the car started, engine oil deposits and car breakdowns are all typical occurrences for old cars during the winter season. If you cannot go for a better car, you need to be extra vigilant and must ensure proper car maintenance to avoid any inconveniences. Despite season’s unpleasantness and adverse effect on cars, there are a number of steps that you can follow to keep your car out of harm’s way.

Car Battery

The cold weather can be very harsh on the battery; therefore, you need to get the battery and the charging system checked for the finest performance. Getting the car battery examined should be left to professionals, as they have the necessary equipment to assess its condition. However, by taking some preventive measures like cleaning the battery’s exterior, tightening the connections and scraping away any rust formations on the cable connections, you can revitalize the battery’s condition.

Wipers, Heaters and Lights

Check if the wipers, heaters and lights are in order, if not, get them replaced. Use windshield washer solvent; it helps wipers function smoothly and scrub away any dirt formed on the headlight lenses for optimal lighting. The use of heater increases during winter, so make sure it is in excellent working condition to keep you comfortable during this cold spell.

Car Tires

Lax in maintenance of tires can prove to be very hazardous in the chilly weather. Inspect the car tires for any sign of wear and tear such as cuts or scratches on the sidewalls and any unevenness or deflation.  Keep a monthly check on tire’s pressure and schedule a tire rotation right before the onset of winter. Always keep a spare tyre for any unforeseen circumstances and make sure the jack is also in working order.

Engine Oil

In extreme temperatures, the engine oil starts solidifying, thereby creating oil deposits which can deter the operation of engine components. Therefore, it becomes obligatory upon you, as a car owner, to select good engine oil. While the car manual is sufficient to inform you about the kind of oil your car requires particularly, you must know that the high grade oil has more viscosity, meaning it is more condensed and not good enough to be used in winter. Synthetic motor oil is more suitable, as it stays fluid even during freezing temperatures. The engine oil and oil filter should be replaced as recommended by your automaker for better engine efficiency.

Brakes and Coolants

Driving through wet and slippery roads can be dangerous with malfunctioning brakes, so get the brakes examined regularly. They serve as the car’s main safety feature and cannot be compromised. Furthermore, the car’s cooling system should be flushed and refilled as required and ensure that the coolant has an equal mix of water and anti-freeze.

Making use of these tips will help you avoid any major repair costs and also prevent the cold weather from causing severe damages to your car.

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