Itasha Side Chicks

It was bound to happen. No sooner had anime taken over the toys and clothing industry than those quirky characters started showing up on cars called Itasha. Decals and pricey paint jobs are all over the place in Japan where the trend started, and other places around the world have fallen in love with the look. Now there is a car culture with a life of its own. Itasha, which translates as “painful car” is probably what most parents thought when they first saw the in-your-face graphics based on the anime, video game, cosplay characters. While the attendance at the Cosplay and Comicon conventions are expected to reach record numbers in 2017, you can expect to see a slew of brightly painted cars geeked out with characters from every genre and game imaginable. Anime Matsuri 2017 is a prime example.It shows how much time and effort goes into their designs. Some say there is a dominance of cute girls on the cars, but hey, that’s a tradition that goes back to the earliest car mags. And who can blame them.

Photo Source by : wikimedia

Girls and guys who are in the culture love to show off their affiliation. Hot Topics sells some of the hottest gear for guys and gals who want to rep the look.  You can find tanks and tees with the latest graphics depicting the most popular anime characters in pop culture today.

Image Source by : wikimedia

If band gear is your thing, you can one-stop-shop for that as well. They stock plenty of Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy, and Selena graphic tees to pair with the latest skinny jeans and sneaks. And those Funko figures are too adorbs to leave on the shelf, so be sure to put plenty in your cart and trick out your dash with them. But your first top should be Groupon because they carry codes and coupons that save serious cash on purchases from Hot Topics. You can subtract 20% from shorts and tees that are the rage this season, and even earn dollars off when you sign up for a Hot Topics credit card.

Some followers and fans are so devoted, they drive their itasha every day.  Others, tend to keep theirs under wraps between cons and gatherings opting to use a more sedate auto for the work place.  Whether you put male characters like Madara or Goku or Kirito from SAO, on your car or rep traditional anime Girl Power on the side of your ride, drive safely, and Rock On!

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