Why A Jeep is a Good Option for a Road Trip

Jeep Perfect Road Trip Vehicle

Road trips are loads of fun, however, they can quickly get uncomfortable if you choose the wrong vehicle. Not every vehicle is capable or comfortable enough to withstand the complexities of a road travel. If you have a Jeep – perfect road trip vehicle. you are in good luck, if not, you should definitely rent one before you kick-off your journey.

Jeep has a lot to offer from a Cherokee, Compass, Renegade to a Wrangler. Choose any Jeep SUV or crossover and you won’t be disappointed in terms of space, comfort, and ruggedness. The last thing you want on a road trip is a fragile vehicle with pathetic and uncomfortable seats, thankfully with a Jeep, you get neither.


Next, you might wonder about the fuel economy. Well, Jeeps are not known to have a great fuel economy. For example, the 2018 Grand Cherokee gives 19 mpg in the city and 26 mpg at the highway while the 2018 Wrangler gives 17 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway. However, they make up for the loss in other aspects that are more important for a road trip. Below I have listed a few to show a Jeep’s worth on a road trip.

Expansive Storage Space

Since you are traveling far away from your home, you will be packing lots of stuff for the way including suitcases filled with clothes and other essentials, extra tires, coolers, first-aid kit and so on. Imagine all that crammed into a standard sedan, and then add in your travel partners. Factor in the need to have an occasional stretch, maybe a short nap in there and it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Taking up the challenge is the Jeep Grand Cherokee with over 68 cubic feet of storage space and foldable seats to store even more if you have fewer passengers and more cargo. Jeep storage is one of the best in the business.

Expansive Storage Space

All-Terrain Capability

Jeep is the first choice for safari operators and explorers for good reason. Jeep SUVs and crossovers can take on all terrains. You might wonder, why take such a vehicle if I don’t plan on off-roading? Well, the thing with long-distance travel is that anything can happen anytime. Maybe the road ahead is undergoing repairs, or maybe a shortcut through the forest sounds good. If you don’t have an off-road capable vehicle, you can forget about all that. The Wrangler is a great choice for traveling on different terrains. It is rugged and built for the kill, plus you can make it look better with a Jeep JK bumper.


Power and Comfort

All Jeeps have powerful engines that can tackle any situation you might take them through. The Grand Cherokee comes with a V6, which can be upgraded to the EcoDiesel that gives better fuel economy. As for comfort, you will not feel the monstrous engine thundering sitting inside, so passengers can doze off in a peaceful environment. This can also be helpful for drivers as they can switch driving after taking proper rest.

Jeep Power and Comfort

Customizing Options

If you buy a Jeep, you have extensive options to customize it to suit your needs. Buy special seat covers to avoid dust or add a pop-up camper and roof. Forget about renting an expensive hotel, enjoy a camping site at night and sleep in your vehicle. While this might not be the most comfortable option, it is definitely a cheap entertainment. Who doesn’t want to sleep while gazing at the stars?

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