Want A Compact Yet Premium Hatchback? Here’s Why You’ll Love The Lexus CT!

You will no doubt know that Lexus is the premium car brand of Japanese marque Toyota. Taking engineering input from its parent, Lexus hopes to be a real rival to the German Big Three brands. I am, of course, talking about Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, in case you wondered!

One segment that Lexus hopes to reign supreme is the premium compact market. Audi has the A3, and BMW has the 1-Series (and the MINI). Mercedes-Benz, naturally, has the A-Class. While Lexus aren’t the only marque in that segment, they are gaining a big market share. How are they doing that? The answer is simple: they sell the hybrid CT model.


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Here is what’s to love about this premium and compact hatchback:

It’s cheap to Maintain

The words “cheap” and “premium car” don’t necessarily fall under the same sentence. Lexus hopes to break that tradition with their hybrid CT hatchback model. So, why is this car cheap to keep on the road?

For a start, it features the same 1.8 16v engine featured in the Toyota Prius. It may only offer a modest 98 horsepower as standard, but it’s hooked up to an electric motor. That raises the total power the car outputs to 134 horsepower.

But, it’s the car’s green credentials that are noteworthy in today’s review! The combined system boasts an average combined fuel economy figure of 74 MPG. Plus, Co2 emissions are a low 87 g/km!

What that means is you won’t need to spend much money buying fuel for your car. And you certainly won’t have to pay lots of road tax for it. When it comes to maintenance, parts prices are similar to Toyota ones. Not that you’ll have to keep repairing the car, given Toyota’s world-famous build quality!

It offers a new way to drive

Test drive a CT from somewhere like Inchcape Lexus, and you’ll discover something interesting. The driving experience is like something you’ve never had before! When you drive off, all you will hear is the environment around you. That’s because the electric motor takes care of low-speed, short journeys.

The CVT transmission is also rather refined, unlike previous incarnations from most car makers. Gear changes are smoother, and there is less whine coming from the gearbox.

Handling tuned to perfection

Imagine driving a car that doesn’t fishtail or lean when you go around corners at speed. Well, that has now become a reality thanks to the Lexus CT! The car has a low stance, making body roll a thing of the past. That’s something even BMW hasn’t quite figured out with its smaller hatchbacks!

Sticking the car in “Sport” mode makes the ride feel firmer and the steering weightier if that’s a word!

Gadgets Galore

Last, but not least, the baby Lexus has an array of tech gadgets that anyone will love to use! You can always count on Lexus to come up with the goods when building tech-centric vehicles. Expect to find tech like rain-sensing wipers, Bluetooth, and auto-dimming mirrors with the CT!

Are you bored of what the German brands are offering in the premium compact market? If so, you need to consider the Lexus CT. Go and check one out for yourself!

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