Have you Locked your Keys in the Car?

It is highly likely that you will, at some point, lock your keys in your car. Here is some advice to be aware of if it happens to you.

Get a tow Truck

The majority of towing services provide lock-out service. Dial 411 for services in your area, or Google it. Tow truck drivers, in most cases, are good at getting into locked vehicles and have the needed tools to perform the service.

Get Roadside Assistance

Here is when your annual auto-club fees pay off. Allstate, AAA, and other companies provide roadside service. Getting a membership to roadside assistance services like this can really give you peace of mind for less than $100 each year.

If you don’t subscribe to one of these services, you might still be in luck. Many new cars offer roadside assistance for the basic warranty period.  However, you won’t be able to open the owner’s manual and find out who to call (as it’s in your locked car!) but a local dealer should be able to help you get inside your car quickly.

Call 911

Calling 911 is for safety reasons. If you are locked out of your car and you are in a dangerous area, call the cops. It’s their job to assist people whenever they get into situations like this one.  In many cases, particularly with older cars, the cops can help you unlock the car and if they are unable to do it, they will help you by calling a tow truck or locksmith. You would be safe in either situation.

Ask for a Temporary Key

If it is during the day when car dealers are open, a local dealership, such as Milnesford.com, might be capable of making you a temporary key that will open your doors for you (but not power up the car). This will allow you access to your permanent keys. You’ll likely need your vehicle identification number (you can see it through the driver’s-side windshield lower edge) and ID to prove that you’re the owner of the vehicle.


Keep a Spare Key in your Possession

You have heard the old saying: the best defense is a great offense. Take the time to get a spare key and keep it in a location where you can get at it without hassle.  Great places are in your wallet, your purse, or even a well-hidden place on your vehicle. You can buy a small magnetic box made to hold a car key and have it be tacked underneath the vehicle. One other technique is to leave a spare with somebody who could come to your rescue.

Purchase a Vehicle that Offers Benefits

If you drive a vehicle with a telematics unit, you may call a toll-free number to have your car unlocked remotely. Those systems also make available free smart-phone apps that let owners unlock their doors. Check auto manufacturer websites for more details on telematics systems.

Rather, than worrying when it will occur, though, it is best to plan what to do “if and when” it does occur. Hopefully these tips will help you out!

Thanks to: Milnes Ford

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