The New Mazda MX5 – A Future Classic In The Making

Mazda MX5

It’s easy to cite the classic cars of the past. The 1959 Chevrolet Corvette. The first Porsche 911. The Aston Martin DB5. They are the few cars on the planet that increase in value over time. They become classics, and new generations drool over them with jealousy. However, when you look around at today’s cars – the class of 2015 – it’s hard to predict which will stand the test of time. Which models will go down in history and spark excitement 20 years later?

Some enthusiasts will point to the Audi TT or perhaps the Subaru Impreza. Others will suggest the Aston Martin DB9, after all, they have a reputation for producing classics. If you ask us, we think there’s only one car worth of the title: the Mazda MX-5. The unique roadster occupies a market all of its own. Yet, despite the lack of competition, it is phenomenal in its execution. Everything about this little car if perfect.

The reason for its future classic status? Simple. It distills driving to its bare essentials. It bottles the sheer excitement and passion involved in taking to the road. There are no frills, just pure, indulgent driving. The new model has just hit the market and we took it for a spin. Could it live up to this big introduction?


Let’s first talk about the handling. After all, this is the car’s raison d’etre. The sheer purity of the driving experience is what this car does best. Somehow, Mazda have made it even better. The newest model benefits from a serious Weight Loss Mission and now handles better than ever. It grips the corners and delicately manages the immense power with precision. The painstakingly exact 50-50 weight distribution is the key factor here. Driving the MX-5 makes you feel part of the car itself.


You’d imagine that Mazda had upgraded the engine to execute this extra performance. In fact, with the exception of a few minor tweaks, it’s business as usual under the bonnet. It’s the weight loss that unlocks the extra power. You can choose from just two engines, the 1.8-litre or 2.0-litre petrol options. Both are fantastic and give this lightweight car all the power it needs.


Some commentators, when forced to find problems with the MX-5, have called the styling outdated. If you ask us, Mazda have styled the car with a brilliant personality. It looks cheeky, fierce and limber.


The MX-5 has always been affordable. It’s one of the reasons for its popularity. A quick glance at Lifestyle Motor Group reveals a starting price of just over £18,000 for the new Mazda. It doesn’t cost a fortune to run either. You’d think that with such power and performance, you’d compromise on fuel economy. In fact, the MX-5 will produce a very sensible 40mpg.

With the all new MX-5, Mazda have continued the legacy of this nimble roadster. Ask us again in twenty years, but we can say with some certainty, this will be a future classic.

Featured Image source : Mazda

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