The Mercedes CLA 250 Coupe – A Luxury Car For Millennials

AMG are at it again, this time with their sights set firmly on Mercedes’ relatively new coupe, the CLA. Mercedes built the CLA with the millennial market in mind. They know that millennials want luxury, just as much as the generations that went before them. But they also know that they’re not willing to pay Jaguar-prices to get it. With their limited incomes, how can they?

So Mercedes went away and did some thinking. They put pen to paper to come up with a car that millennials could actually afford if they pulled their finger out. What they produced was the CLA; an expensive-looking car that oozes luxury. It seems as if the designers wanted nothing more than to make a luxury car that millennials can actually use and enjoy. Given that Mercedes-Benz dealers are selling lease versions of the car on the cheap, it appears they succeeded.

What’s cool about the CLA is that it doesn’t look like a cheap car that it is. In the style department, it holds its own against the rest of Mercedes’ more expensive lineup. In fact, to the millennial eye, the aesthetic is probably more eye-popping than, say, the S550 4MATIC. What’s more, the car is actually recognizable on the road. That contrasts strongly with its more generic competitors. Take the Acura ILX, for instance. Here’s a car that’s essentially a Honda Civic in garb. But even with the flashy extra features, it still fails to make a lasting impact on the road. Rather, it blends in and adds little to the conversation.

This means that it misses the point of what a luxury car should be. Luxury cars are all about getting from A to B in style. Yes, you want comfort. But you also want a little bit of recognition. There’s a reason that the Rolls Royce Phantom doesn’t look like a Morris Minor from the outside. It’s designed to impress. If you just wanted a runaround, you would buy a Golf instead of the ILX, and bag the $10,000 difference.

So what’s the car like on the inside? Surprisingly luxurious!

The CLA45 AMG was a car that was supposed to target the mid-range of the luxury market, selling for $50,000. But, despite the AMG treatment, that car just felt tacky to many reviewers. However, despite being more than $15,000 cheaper than the CLA 45, the CLA250 actually comes with a better cabin.

There’s a rather impressive dashboard, old-school wood trim, and retro air vents. Plus, the seats themselves are molded to the very shape of your body, seemingly from one piece of material. There are no headrests, which is a fun modification.

To drive the car is adequately powerful. You’ll get a 208 bhp engine with a 2.0 four cylinder. That’ll hurl you from 0 to 60 in around 6.9 seconds, which isn’t bad. There’s also a 4MATIC version of the car that is slightly faster. It’ll get you up to speed a tenth of a second quicker.

Mercedes have done a good job here. They’ve managed to build a car that performs, is luxurious, and stands out from the rest of their lineup. For entry-level luxury, the CLA250 makes sense.

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