The New Mercedes S-Class Is The most Technologically Advanced Car On The Road

Mercedes has always been a big player in the luxury market. The iconic star logo is a hallmark of class and sophistication. The German car company have always catered to high-end tastes and produced luxury models. Perhaps only BMW rival them in the executive car category. In 2015, however, Mercedes are taking things yet another step further. With the new S-Class, they have created the world’s most technologically advanced road car. It is packed full of futuristic gadgets and technology, yet at no point does it feel overwhelming or forced.

Instead, Mercedes have balanced this modern technology with their timeless refinement and sophistication. Let’s take a look at the tech on offer here.

Self driving

The concept of self driving cars has appeared on motoring blogs for nearly a decade now. With fully autonomous vehicles already in development by major car companies (And Google), this is a close reality. In terms of commercial road cars, the Mercedes S-Class is leading the field. Its self-driving functions scan the road with impeccable precision. It makes decisions and calculations faster than the human brain and will react before you even know there’s a problem. Oh, and it will park itself too.


Mercedes were one of the first companies to install rear-parking sensors in their vehicles. A quick glance at will show you a range of older Mercedes with groundbreaking technology like this. However, they have since evolved this into night-vision. Rather than a simple beeping sensor, the S-Class provides a full reversing camera with night-vision. It will even pick out pedestrians and highlight them in red.

4G hotspot

The car industry has been Strangely slow to adopt internet technology. Despite the wide presence of Wi-Fi and internet hotspots, our cars remained a relatively internet-free zone. Not at Mercedes however. The new S-Class comes complete with a Wi-Fi and 4G hotspot as standard. It means you can sync your music, stream films to the passengers and connect your smartphone. As always, Mercedes are pioneering the technology that will soon be adopted by all other models.

Digital dashboard

Mercedes’ infotainment systems are second-to-none. They feature the very best smart technology. Plus, they are intuitive and easy to use. The new S-Class comes complete with a digital dashboard that can be entirely altered at will. You can shrink and move the engine dials with your fingertips, for example. They are even experimenting with heads up dashboards and information displayed on the windscreen itself. Look out for this in future iterations.

Body Control

The body control function refers to the computer powered suspension and ride-comfort system. In essence, the sophisticated computers on board analyse the road ahead and detect any small changes and undulations. The car will then automatically adjust the suspension, ride height, and traction to suit the road ahead. It guarantees the smoothest and quietest ride possible.

This is all mind-blowing stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. Best of all, Mercedes are only just beginning0 to scratch the surface of what’s possible. Keep an eye on future releases for the next generation of technology.

Featured Image Source : flickr

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