Nissan Introduces the New Face of its Taxi

In most of the cities, just a few vehicles can serve as a taxi meeting, the operator/owner’s requirements for comfort, reliability and utility. However; some cities are popular for their own unique taxis, and those markets are cornered by Nissan through its hard work. It already has designed specific taxis for locations as Barcelona, New York and Tokyo, but its recent effort will bring a new Change to the streets of London.

A year and half ago, Nissan introduced its NV200 in London with the traditional black livery. But this new styled vehicle offers the customization one step further for the British capital. Working closely with the cab drivers across the city and the mayor’s office, European design center of Nissan in the Paddington district reshaped the NV200 specially to serve as the new black cab in London.

The new face has got a new grille, round headlights, a restyled front bumper and LED lighting. As the black cabs are familiar on the streets of London, therefore in order to meet the 25-foot turning circle requirements for Hackney Carriages, the steering has also got reconfiguration.

Nissan is planning to begin offering the black cab at the year end with an automatic transmission mated 1.6-liter gasoline engine. This Powertrain is claimed to be cleaner compared to the diesels previously used in the existing taxis. And Nissan should obviously know, having supplied lots of those 2.7-liter turbodiesels earlier in the ’80s and ’90s. However; if that does not prove clean enough, an electric version sale will also be started by the Japanese automakers, the e-NV200, starting next year.

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