Options for your Car to Purchase through the Dealership

You may easily roll the price of dealer options onto your car’s monthly payments. Because of that you should really think about getting any or all of these add-ons:

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Seasonal Floor Mats

There are cheap floor mats and then there are factory floor mats. Factory floor mats are pricey but they are wonderful.  They are designed specifically for your vehicle and will perfectly match. Unless money is tight, spend some of it on a set of genuine factory floor mats, and you’ll be glad you did.


If you’d like to add some flair to your vehicle, like pin striping or other graphics, your best bet is to have it done at the dealer.  Especially if they are factory supplied graphics, your dealer probably has experience applying them and this will make for a quality appearance.

Clear bra

A clear bra is a film that the dealer applies to protect your car’s paint from flying debris. These are non-invasive and are also durable.  These may be a nice addition to your car that may keep away stone chips and other environmental nuisances.

Rust Proofing

While new cars use galvanized steel to protect themselves from rust, some drivers who live in areas that see tons of snow may want to consider having rust proofing done.Talk to your dealer about this! We recommend it!

Protecting Your Car’s Paint

A paint protection package is just a very professional waxing. We don’t think that it’s really needed, but if offered at a good price could be worth the money.  A wax coating on a vehicle is an additional protectant between your car’s paint and harmful conditions, such as the sun’s UV rays.

Extended Warranty

The fact is that a vehicle’s most expensive parts are typically covered by the traditional new car warranty.  One exception is when buying a pre-owned vehicle.Purchasing an extended warranty might be a great way to reduce your risk incase anything happens later on. We recommend doing your homework, and speaking to your dealer about the extended warranty that is right for you!

Anti-Theft Alarms

Many new vehicles have an anti-theft measure available from the factory so you do not have to worry about that.  If the vehicle you are considering does not have an alarm, have the dealership install it.  You’ll find all kinds of third party installers who will do it for very cheap, but the odds are best that your dealership will do a better job; they know their vehicles quite well!  Most people believe that anti-theft alarms aren’t necessary, but that may be a judgement for the car buyer to assess!

Performance Upgrades

Dealers will be happy to add authorized performance accessories to your vehicle. Best part is that you can get them installed at the dealer and tack the price of them onto the monthly financing plan. How great would that be?!

We recommend checking with the Sales Manager at a Volvo dealer in Schaumburg, IL, Patrick, for additional suggestions!

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