Painting the wheels of your vehicle – How to go about it

When you undertake the task of getting your vehicle painted, an important part that is oftentimes overlooked or is not given much importance is the tires. And if you are not very keen in getting the car tires painted by professionals and you want to opt for the DIY approach but don’t have a very clear idea about the same, this write up can be of some help to you.

Check out the following points that explain how you can carry out the task step wise.

  • Keep Tools Handy

    The success of the task is ensured if you adopt a systematic plan. Make sure you have kept all the tools handy and at your disposal prior to starting the job. If you have painted the vehicle half way and discover that a particular tool or color/paint is missing, it can be quite frustrating. Few such tools include the jack stands, tire tool, paint, brushes, and other accessories required to complete the painting job. As per expert professional advice and also the ones that have been painting their own wheels for years encourage car owners to try out the services of the professionals at UsaRim as they have won accolades for their excellent craftsmanship over the years in this field. Also, they have a huge list of loyal and new clients that they have managed to retain over the years with their commendable efforts in this field.

  • Positioning the vehicle

    After removing the lug nuts and lifting it with a jack, and removing the tires, first thing you need to do is clean the tires thoroughly along with the wheels. You can use degreaser, soap, and water for the same. Keep clean cloth, sponge, and soap, and a container handy. While cleaning the tires make sure you remove the debris and dirt that has settled in the creases and on the surface. Brake dust can be removed by applying degreaser. Ensure that you use the degreaser that has been certified by the manufacturer. Rinse off the grease. Carry out the procedure till the time you haven’t removed dirt on both sides of the wheels as well as the tires.

  • Preparing for Painting

    You will require sandpaper, cloth, water, and mineral spirits. Once you have air dried the tires and the wheels, remove old paint with sandpaper. Oil can be removed by using mineral spirits. Once you are certain that the surface to be painted is dirt, grime, and grease free, you can apply primer paint. This is followed by applying masking tape. When you apply primer spray, make sure that the distribution is even. This will make the surface smooth and devoid of dents. Prior to applying the paint, it is thoroughly stirred to remove lumps. Apply the number of coats as instructed by the manufacturer and as per the vehicle maintenance requirement.


One important aspect that has to be kept in mind is that throughout the painting process, every step that you follow should be as per the guidelines of the manufacturer.

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