So Your Driving Ban Has Just Ended. What Happens Next?

Quite a few people end up with driving bans for various reasons. The consequence of their actions means they aren’t allowed to drive on public roads. The good news is that driving bans aren’t permanent, and so there’s a chance one can start over, as it were.

The aim of today’s blog post isn’t to pass judgement on why people get banned from the road. When you get a second chance at being a good motorist, it’s an opportunity welcomed with open arms.

As you are reading this post today, it’s likely you have a driving ban that will soon end. But, what happens next? And when can you start driving again?

Here is what you need to know :



Have you had a driving ban imposed for a short period?

You will no doubt be itching to get back on the road and prove that you’re a reformed motorist. The question is, what must you do before that can become reality? The answer will depend on the length of your driving ban.

If you’ve had a driving ban for 56 days or less, you will get your driving license back. It will have a “disqualification endorsement” written on it. In other words, it’ll have a record of your driving ban. The good news is you don’t need to do anything else. You can start driving as soon as your driving ban is over.

What happens if you’ve had a longer driving ban? Well, things are a little different in that case. You’ll have to apply for a new driving license (and pay for it too).

That means filling out a form and enclosing a photograph. You’ll then need to send them off and wait for your application to get processed.

Once you receive your new driving license, you can start driving again.



Do you have to take a theory and practical driving test?

For some offenses like dangerous driving you might have to take your driving tests again. Of course, you will have an advantage in that you’ve already got knowledge of both.

To get started, you should first organise your theory test. You can use the Book Theory Test Today website to arrange that. Once you pass your theory, it’s time to book your practical driving test. You may wish to do a few refresher lessons with a driving instructor beforehand.

How to resit your theory and practical tests

It’s crucial that you do as much preparation as possible before you resit your tests. That way, you’ll increase your chances of passing! First of all, it’s worth doing some “mock” theory tests online. They can help you get to grips with the types of questions you may get asked.

When it comes to doing your practical test, I recommend doing at least two refresher lessons. That way, you can also use your instructor’s car as part of your driving test.

You may also find it beneficial to watch some YouTube videos to get some exam tips. Good luck!



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