Strange Cars Names

Strange Cars Name

There are many car model names that just missed the mark and others that were simply ill advised. Thank you to the team at this Jaguar Dealer in Naperville, IL, for sitting down with us to discuss these interesting and Strange car names! We hope that you will enjoy reading this amusing list of some of the most interesting car names that have come about!

Skoda Yeti

Okay, this one is not that bad.  It’s difficult to figure out what the Soviets were thinking with this one, but for Westerners the Skoda Yeti is a mythical creature.  If the Skoda Yeti is a great car for winter climates, it may actually have a good name!

Image Source by : wikimedia

However, we have more for you:

AMC Matador

The car company of American Motors Corporation (AMC) was around many decades ago.  Believe it or not, they made a vehicle called the “Matador,” the Spanish word for “killer.”  This car name played on the sport of killing animals. Great.

Image Source by : wikimedia

Chevy Nova

“Nova” is an astronomical term in Western society.  In Spanish, it is similar to the term “no va” which means “no go”. Potential buyers who took the term literally may have thought that the name referred to the vehicle’s performance.

Image Source by : wikimedia ( Chevrolet Chevy II First generation )

Buick LaCrosse

It’s very difficult to tell how this name originated. There are many geographical locations of this same name, and then there’s the popular sport.  The biggest issue by far, for those that know French, is that “LaCrosse” has sexual connotations.

Image Source by : wikimedia

Diahatsu Scat

This name is funny.  The word “scat” has to mean something different in Japan. In English, scat refers to untamed or feral animals’ bowel movements.

Image Source by : wikimedia

Ford Escort

Who was at the marketing meeting when this word was chosen? Without going into too much detail on this term — “escort” is a common name to use to refer to a high-end prostitute.

Image Source by : wikimedia

Ford Probe

The Ford Probe was supposed to be the Ford Mustang’s replacement. The first mistake was replacing the iconic Mustang name with anything else– why did they select “Probe” as a name?

Image Source by : wikimedia

Studebaker Dictator

The Studebaker Dictator was a 1930s vehicle, and the term “Dictator” didn’t have the same negative connotation that it does today, as today we think of people like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

Image Source by : wikipedia

Renault Wind

Not a bad vehicle but could you imagine the puns you would be subjected to concerning the word “wind,” like “passing wind” and that sort of thing. For this reason alone, some people avoided this car.

Image Source by : wikimedia

Mitsubishi Pajero

The “Pajero” is another vehicle that will have immature kids laughing like they might never stop. “Pajero” is a Spanish word with sexual connotations.

Image Source by : wikimedia

Dodge Dart Swinger

The Swinger was released in a different era when the word “swinger” was family friendly. Nowadays, the word swinger refers to an, ahem, “casual” lifestyle.

Image Source by : wikimedia

Some car names have been great names and have become famous, like “Ford” for example; others, well, not so much. If you may not know, throughout automotive history there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of different names used for car models.

Randall Evans

Randall Evans has worked in the automotive industry as a mechanic, and a service representative. He has been an active member in a number of car clubs and classic events.

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