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You’ve heard about Australian ingenuity. It’s a key part of what makes this one of the greatest countries on Earth, and promotes the fair go attitude that Australians are known for. Aussie entrepreneur and inventor, Aaron Hunter, has developed something that is sure to shake up the car industry and give power back to the consumer.

The Berry is the world’s most advanced automotive computer system. It will help you maximize the hidden potential of your vehicle and remove the restrictions placed on it by the manufacturer. Wait, what restrictions? That’s an excellent question. Your car is detuned, downgraded, purposefully limited by the manufacturer. It can be more efficient than it currently is. A lot more efficient. It can give you better performance. You just need to know how to unleash it.

Why would the car manufacturers purposefully detune your car?

So they can promise a performance increase in the next model without having to spend a lot of money changing their design.

How will the Berry put an end to this dastardly scheme?

Easy. The Berry plugs into your car’s OBD port, and with one button push, removes the shackles that have been restricting your engine for so long. The Berry sends data to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth to show you what it’s doing, and it never changes any factory settings, so you can keep your warranty intact.

I know what you’re thinking, it sounds a little too good to be true. Especially when there are other devices on the market that claim to do something similar.

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What makes the Berry so Special?

That’s an easy one. The Berry is designed to take data from a number of sensors around your engine. It is programmed to see how your car actually performs, and then make live adjustments based on the data is gathers. It isn’t going to throw generic settings at your engine, it’s going to learn and adapt to it. No other system on the market can do what the Berry does. It’s unique. The other great thing about the Berry is it’s easy to install and easy to remove, not that you’ll want to remove it. You simply plug it in, press the button, and leave it. If you want to stop getting the best from your car for whatever reason, simply remove the device and everything will revert back to normal.

How can I get Involved?

The Berry is going to happen, it’s going to revolutionist the car industry, it’s going to give you power over your vehicle. You have the chance to support this Australian invention and get in on the ground floor. Head over to the Kickstarter page and contribute what you can to ensure that this Aussie inventor gets a fair go, and make the world take notice once again of some good old Australian ingenuity.

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