The First Customers Who Get BMW i3

BMW is known for giving us exceptional vehicles with latest innovations. As one of the premium brands on global fronts, the German auto maker has started delivery of latest i3 Electric Cars. This is a milestone in the company’s development and according to Kruger, BMW production Chief, BMW i3 is making history. This is the first electric car form BMW to hit the roads. Thanks to the ground breaking technologies, the latest offering is going to exceed the expectations of the eagerly awaiting customers. Who are the lucky ones to experience the new electric car from BMW?

BMW i3 delivery will first start for customers in Germany and some other European countries soon this year. It will also get launched in USA, China and other markets, sometime in the early 2014. The state-of-the-art innovations promise 50 per cent less consumption of energy and 70 per cent less use of water as well as CO2-free emissions from the wind turbines. It is no surprise to find BMW customers eagerly awaiting the electric car. Obviously, BMW has placed concerted efforts in making premium electric cars reality.

A few lucky German customers are already driving their BMW i3. The luxury brand is bringing sustainable mobility to the roads. BMW has always been known to  manufacture benchmark setting products and i3 electric cars is a huge initiative taken by BMW. It opens a competition in a new segment. According to auto experts, customers are sure going to get fascinated when driving the new BMW i3 electric car. The excellent acceleration and pick-up as well as high performance will simple leave them awestruck. On top of that those well-designed exteriors and interiors make for the vehicle even more inviting.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the electric car can cover around 145 km on a full battery charge. It can reach 100 kmph mark in just 7.2 seconds and runs at a decent speed of up to 150 kmph. CFRP or Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic passenger unit makes for higher safety for the passenger. Advanced BMW ConnectDrive Services and BMW Efficient Dynamics technology take the performance of the electric car to a new level.

Interested in buying the BMW i3? Well, you can order it easily on the phone and online. This concept is already on its way to become a great success. It seems that the future of auto-mobility has only just begun and arrives in the form of BMW i3.

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