The Most Annoying Things That Can Happen In A Car

We often like to sit back and marvel in wonder at our civilisation. The modern world is truly the pinnacle of human achievement. And even now we’re moving forwards into a brave new world of even greater technology.


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Yet contrasted to these incredible innovations is another world. A world in which we’re constantly annoyed by all the little foibles of our modern lives. And no more so that when we’re in our cars. It seems as if the car was almost designed to hack us off.

Here are some of the most annoying things ever that happen in cars.

You Drop Your Phone Down The Side Of The Seat

Car seats seem to have been designed perfectly for losing stuff underneath them, including mobile phones. The crack down the side of the seat swallows your phone perfectly. But don’t bother trying to go after it with your hand. That’s not allowed apparently. Often the only solution is to get up out of your seat, move the whole seat forwards or backward and grab as soon as you see your phone.

Seat Belt Gets Twisted

Twisted seat belts are a mystery. If the belt is fixed at one end and then fixed at the other, how can the middle get twisted? Well it does, usually because of the buckle in the middle. Beware the twisted seat belt digging into your side.


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You Put The Wipers On With The Door Open

We’ve all been there. You go outside, and you see your car covered in a thick layer of snow. That’s annoying enough in itself. What’s even more annoying is when you put the wipers on before you close the door and end up with a lap full of snow and snow in your side door compartment. Rage!

When You Lock Your Keys In The Car

You can see your keys right there on the seat and yet, you can’t get to them. You either have to get a car key replacement or break the window.

High Beams At Night

Most people want to be courteous to other drivers at night. So they flick on and off their high beam when they encounter oncoming traffic. But have you ever realized how hard it is to remember to do this? Probably. It’s really hard, and we all end up annoying each other to death, just because we forget to do it.

Seatbelt Locks

In most developed countries it’s the law to put on your seat belt. So we obey our regulatory overlords and put our seat belts on. But our seat belts don’t want to be put on. We tug at them as hard as we can and yet they won’t budge. Not for all the strength in the world. It seems as if they only want to come out if we’re very, very gentle. And that’s the last thing you want to be when you’re in a rage.

Warning Lights Come On

Warning lights come on all the time. But what do they all mean? Most of us don’t have a clue.

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