The Toyota Yaris – Better Than The Ford Fiesta?

Toyota Yaris Vs Ford Fiesta

For many years, the Ford Fiesta has been the go-to car for people that want an affordable Supermini. Today’s models are packed with a raft of features suitable for the needs of all motorists.Unfortunately for the people’s favourite hatchback, there’s a contender for the top spot. I am, of course, talking about the Toyota Yaris!

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Although the Yaris has been around for a few years, the latest incarnation has made shockwaves in the motoring world. It’s more dynamic, stylish and fun to drive than its predecessors. And those are facts that have got the Blue Oval worried.

So, is the Toyota Yaris better than the Ford Fiesta? Let me tell you about some of its features and benefits, and you can decide for yourself!

It handles great in towns and cities

Let’s be honest here, both the Fiesta and the Yaris will never win any land speed records. But that’s not what those cars are about. They got designed with one purpose in mind: to make driving in urban areas comfortable and easy.

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The Fiesta had always been the better of the two when it came to handling around towns and cities. Until now, that is! On a recent trip to Inchcape Toyota, I took the liberty of borrowing a new Yaris for a test drive. I have to say; I was shocked by how well the car handled around town!

Without a doubt, the electric power steering in the Yaris makes steering even into tight spaces a cinch! Car nerds will also be pleased to know that the latest-generation model is 20 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.

Different engine and gearbox choices

If you’re not a fan of Ford’s EcoBoost engines, you will have one extra reason to love the new Toyota Yaris. Their range of variable valve technology petrol engines offer the right mix of performance and fuel economy. And for those that want frugal motoring, the diesels are the powerplant of choice.

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All engines come with a five-speed manual transmission as standard. Although you have the option of getting a CVT automatic box on the 1.33 and 1.5 petrol units. To be honest, the manual is more fun to drive than the automatic.

As a general rule, automatic gearboxes work better in cars with high power outputs. In essence, anything with a 2.0-litre or above.

Impressive standard specification

In the past, models that were at the lower end of the range seldom came with good features as standard. The Toyota Yaris is a vehicle that aims to defy that convention!

On the lowest spec Active trim, you can enjoy features like electric front windows and a six-speaker stereo system. You even get USB connectivity and tyre pressure monitoring.

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If you wanted to get the range-topper, the Excel, you get even more for your money. Highlights include 16-inch alloy wheels, DAB digital radio and climate control. You even get LED daytime running lights and automatic wipers and lighting!

So, if you’re a proud Fiesta owner, you might just want to consider the Yaris for your next car.

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