Types of Motorcycle Headlights available in the Market

Motorcycle Headlights

One of the most important parts of motorcycle is its headlight. Now-a-days some brands of motorcycle have come out with some great quality projector headlights. Those projector headlights look very gorgeous as well as are very effective. But what about the old motorcycle or those persons who want to redesign their motorcycle headlight?

This article is essentially meant for those persons who have planned to redesign their motorcycle headlight setup. In this article, we have discussed about the various types motorcycle headlight and aftermarket motorcycle headlight assembly. The electrical parts in a motorcycle play unavoidable role and it is highly obligatory to have awareness about the same.


It will help a bike rider enjoy hassle free ride and solve electrical connectivity related problems personally. Moreover, service providers like BikeBandit.com and others bring to you every single motorcycle electrical parts at economical cost. One can shop for different brand auto parts and take joy in city rides, long drives and others.

In the market, the following three types of headlights are available:

  1. Reflector Headlight

    In this type of headlight, a tungsten filament bulb is placed, and some reflective materials are encompassed in it. Tungsten filament bulb is a type of normal bulb that can produce light as per its wattage. Thus, in this type of headlight much light is reflected in the forward direction. Thus, this type of headlight is very effective when you need much light in the forward direction.

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  2. Projector Headlight

    In this type of headlight, special lens is placed and thus these types of headlight have reflectors as well. In this type of headlight Xenon bulbs are used instead of tungsten filament bulbs. One major advantage is that the lens can give direction to the light and thus the intensity of projector headlight is much better than any other headlight in the market.

  3. Multi-directional LED

    In this type of headlight, high intensity LED is used which can provide directional lighting pattern and high illumination capability. In this type of LED, some specialized gas is filled, and it can strike an electrical arc inside the headlight by using tungsten rod and translucent fused quartz.

In this type of headlight alumina salt is used that has the capacity to emit light in high density. The technology of multi-directional LED is highly used in cars and newly implemented in the motorcycle. A user can explore online for aftermarket motorcycle headlight assembly using bikebandit(Dot)com/aftermarket-parts/electrical/headlights-universal/p4k round the clock.

The life at present is full of challenges and people are found working day and night in different shifts. The people commuting using motorcycle can be required to drive anytime including night hours so it is undoubtedly obligatory to ensure that the headlight in your bike is working perfectly fine. While driving at night, light emitted by the headlight paves the path for a motorbike rider.

For the best from the rest brightness, do not compromise with the quality of motorcycle headlights. The customers looking everything for your street bike can visit popular web sources namely bikebandit and others.

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